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Some of the questions that inform my work are tied to notions of scarcity and abundance, purpose, and descent. I seek to expose the invisible and dynamic parts of myself and often consider my upbringing and socio-political issues including but not limited to gender, class and vitality. I have absorbed a deeply frugal nature and have repurposed it to address sustainability through my selected medium. My choice of materials, namely cardboard, also beg the questions of value and worth. 


I use line and color as raw expressions; characters in their own right. Each is introduced to play with balance - to either stabilize or destabilize, and it is this exercise that builds my compositions. The tension between control and surrender in my work acts as an animating force.


While the process of making art provides a sense of ownership and calm, or a meditation of sorts, I also intend to disrupt. I invite discord and duality into my work as a means of exploration, pause and inquiry. It is only through this grappling of ideas and materials that a resulting harmony is ever possible. 

I see my paintings as manifestations of my ruminating mind, and invite the viewer to explore with me. 

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